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"She said if I play this song, all the girls will like me. Maybe I just want one girl to like me."

Cute :)

Title: Scream Artist: Usher 2,901 plays

Usher - Scream

this just might be the most played song at Orientation


Jhameel - White Lie

his voice is so good

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Title: Be Calm Artist: fun. 4,645 plays

Be calm by fun.

probably my favorite song by them

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649 plays


Mumford & Sons - Home

“You were young I was not old
But our story was not told
But torn apart by greedy hands

Spin me round just to pin me down
On the cover of this strange bed
spin me round just to pin me down

Spin me round just to pin me down
I’ll be gone by the nights end
Spin me round just to pin me down”

Title: Two Artist: Neptune's Only Daughter 40 plays


neptune’s only daughter - two

before our lungs despair and tire

2,499 plays


Bon Iver - Beach Baby

I will forever love them.

Title: Boulevard of Broken Dreams Artist: Gregorian 1,564,517 plays



Gregorian monks singing “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Wow hahaha this is so good and I like this too much

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2,339 plays

How by Regina Spektor



Johnny Ripper | In A Dream

Title: Opium Tea Artist: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds 339 plays


Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Opium Tea

I stand at the window and I look at the sea
And I am what I am, and what will be will be
I stand at the window and I look at the sea
And I make me a pot of opium tea

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nightcall // kavinsky ft. lovefoxxx of cssdownload: amazon mp3 | itunes

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Title: Under the Kicks (Alcala Mash-Up) Artist: Ellie Goulding vs Foster the People 4,379 plays

Under the Kicks (Mashup) - Ellie Goulding vs. Foster the People

this is awesomeeeeeeee

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Small Town Moon by Regina Spektor

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