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swimming with a celebrity

Dreamt last night that I swam in the ocean with this very attractive Asian celebrity in the summer. We were on a tropical island. Then we both swam in neighboring lanes at a swim meet and we swam holding hands for the last few meters. And then I was in this giant store with a lot of dresses, bathing suits, and three bedrooms.

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I dreamt the other night that I was reliving a moment in a photograph. This photograph existed only in my dream and does not exist in real life. It was of four-year-old me wearing a dress and holding my father’s right hand and my mother’s left hand. We were walking through a garden of orange tulips much like the ones we used to grow in our front yard. Summer. The color of neon green grass was rather exaggerated. Blue skies, no clouds. Highly nostalgic.


Late at night in the city. I jump off a bridge, gravity pushes me sideways, and now I’m clinging to the bottom of the bridge.


20questionsTumblrchallenge: Q2

What is your most memorable dream or nightmare?

There are a bunch that are just as memorable as the others. At the top of the list is a dream that took place in a small NY apartment I used to live in when I was around 5 years old. I had the dream when I was 5 too, so, of course, there was a villain in my dream. He had captured both of my parents and was about to kill them, and I was sitting on a washing machine in the kitchen crying. I told him I would do anything to save my parents and even offered to have sex with him. He said okay and my parents were saved. 

I was living in a one-bedroom apartment at the time this dream occurred. That should explain anything strange about this dream. Think about it.

Had a good night’s rest, but an intense dream. Got in a fight with one of my closest friends over a misunderstanding, and she changed my Health and Behavior grades on Parent Portal (the name of my school’s online grading system) to 7% and 8% respectively. So much yelling and crying and hatred, I guess. And then somehow one of the janitors fixed my grades for me? In the end, everyone just slept on my bed with me and things were better.


dad, baby, jellyfish, office, sad story

A dad walks into a shabby restaurant with his baby on a stroller. He eats. He goes home. A comfortable home. Middle class. His wife just passed away though. Everything’s a mess everywhere. And then somehow I can come in. Me, the father, and his baby are at a beach on some tropical island somewhere. And the dad’s like collecting jellyfish and one of the jellyfish that he catches swims away and I find it and I pick it up and I give it back to him.

And then I’m in this office. It’s somewhat similar to one of the offices at my school. I see someone I know very well and he walks into a room within the office. I’m sitting at the computer even though I definitely don’t work there. Then I see the dad come in. His baby is not with him. In my dream, I somehow infer that he’s lost his baby, and I feel so sorry for him because he lost both his wife and son/daughter in a week. He tells me something but I’m not listening because I’m too focused on his tragic life. Then he leaves. And I don’t know what he said to me, but I think it was kind of important. I feel bad.

And then I’m standing outside a coffee shop in like New York City.


brown couch, movies all night

Every night for like a week I sat on a very soft brown couch and watched movies all night with strangers. I was never tired during these all-nighters.

And then one day I didn’t stay up with these strangers.

Don’t know what happened after that. Woke up.


Really tall wooden buildings left and right

Really tall wooden buildings left and right. Rectangle of gray sky above. It was supposedly a market, but there were no people. Not a busy market, I guess. But no one to pay. But shoes everywhere. I feel like this was 14th-century China or something. Good weather. Calm weather. Cloudy. Out in the streets. It was probably after the rain. Couldn’t figure out where all the people were. Couldn’t figure out how to get out. Maybe I wanted to stay a bit longer? A bit longer turned into forever. Until I woke up.


no pants & failing AP Literature

I dreamt last night that I was not wearing pants and I was on stage because the host of this performance told audience members to “jump on stage” and I don’t know why I did it. I don’t think I realized I wasn’t wearing any pants. No, I knew I wasn’t wearing any pants, but I forgot the moment the opportunity came to go on stage. I didn’t even want to be on the stage; I just did it. And then I jumped off the stage when I realized I was not wearing pants. Nobody noticed that I didn’t have pants on and nobody noticed that I jumped off the stage.

I also dreamt last night that my soon-to-be AP Literature teacher gave out a 10-page quiz on summer reading and I only did like one page of it because for some reason my hand (and neck, I think) started to freeze after that and so I couldn’t do anymore. I didn’t explain it to him afterward because I knew he wouldn’t believe me. I didn’t find out what I got on it.


A of the P in my dreams

Since I started reading The Autumn of the Patriarch by Gabriel García Márquez, I have had three of my most vivid dreams—all clearly tying to details of the book. (Of course, the plot of the book is not 100% the same as the events of my dreams, but there are too many specific details that are too close to those in the book to be only a coincidence. Also, I’ve read most of the book right before sleep.)

Dream 1—
I was trying to assassinate the king. The country? I don’t know. I tried to do it at least three times and each time I was a different person. (I was an impostor.) I had to do a lot of running away because the first two times I was discovered. I woke up before I found out the result of my last assassination attempt, which was my pretending to be the new (eighth) queen. The palace was really nice. Lots of red, gold, silver, and blue. Only, at the end, I remember having feelings for the king after we did things in bed. And I decided to forget about all my plans for wanting to have him dead. I should never be hired as an assassin. [impostor, queen/wife, assassination attempts of the king/general, sex, unknown country]

Dream 2—
This one was short. I was lying on my hammock in the backyard on a very hot summer day and there were four pairs of white (not velvet) gloves in the grass near me. [hammock, heat, gloves]

Dream 3—
This was last night. Actually, no, not even. It’s one of those dreams that you get after you wake up and fall back asleep. It lasted about half an hour but it felt way longer than that. These Asian soldiers were ordered to kill a list of people; to do so, they had to go into every house in the nation in pairs and stick little white or brown pieces of paper in random places in the houses. On them were the names of the people to be killed in that house—there were, for some reason, lots of these rolled up pieces of thick paper in my house—and long HTML codes (weird). You could hear on the news people dying every second; that was all there was on television. So much fear. I was on the list of people to be killed but one of the soldiers who was supposed to kill me did not because I had a conversation with him and offered him a very sweet juice and a cooked meal which included a vegetable I cannot identify. Turns out, he was just lonely and had a bad childhood. Two of my close friends were in this dream, one of whom appears on the printed and published list of people killed by the soldiers. Then I see this person’s mother walking up the stairs (in my house… weird). And I ask her, “Mrs. [x], is [x] okay?” because I didn’t believe that he had actually been killed. Like, maybe I thought he escaped death like I did and was just printed on the list of dead people by the soldiers for protection like I was. And his mother just continues walking up the stairs. And I cry. So hard. The dream ended at 12:51 p.m. It feels so good to wake up from a nightmare. I think it made my day to realize that I know this person is still alive. [death/killing, fear, pieces of paper in random locations, loneliness, soldiers/army forces working for a higher power]