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“Ca Mau boatman” by Anthony Begovic | RedBubble

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  • Me: can i have some of your coolness in exchange for a block or two
  • Me: how much coolness can i get
  • Jack: 1
  • Jack: you can have 1 coolness
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I didn’t know [he] could chase people.

Steph Solis

I’m pretty certain that this is the busiest I’ve ever been.

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  • Emily: i stole ur job today
  • Emily: i wasehdthe paint sticks

Personally, I think she likes rodents. They all look like mice.

Victor Yan

this is life

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I’ll buy the whole page and draw a dick on it.

Robert Chen

The other day in Seattle as my friends and I were waiting for a taxi, one of my friends dropped the cigarette he was smoking. A woman who had previously asked him for money witnessed the cigarette falling to the ground and called out, “Wait, wait.” When my friend didn’t respond, she picked it up, waited a couple seconds as if hesitating or reconsidering whether or not to act on her instinct, and then proceeded to continue smoking the cigarette. The taxi came and we got in. As we were driving away, the woman turned towards us and watched us go. I couldn’t read the expression on her face. Was she happy that she had picked up a cigarette that could still be smoked or was she thinking, “This would have been such a waste had I not been here.”

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